Guide to Engaging Your #iGiveCatholic Ambassadors

Who are your organization's ambassadors? For parishes, they could be a member of your finance or parish council. For schools, they might be a member of your Mother's or Men's Club, or just engaged and enthusiastic parents and grandparents. For nonprofits, your best ambassadors are your board members and volunteers. One thing is for certain, your ambassadors nourish the connection that your organization has to the broader Catholic community. And no matter who they are, ambassadors can take your #iGiveCatholic Giving Day success to new heights on Nov 27th by sharing their passion for your mission! How can you identify your ambassadors and get them excited for #iGiveCatholic? We’ve got you covered!

10 Steps to Engaging Your Ambassadors:

  1. Have an #iGiveCatholic Kickoff at your next meeting and share assets, like yard signs or t-shirts
  2. Make sure your ambassadors know your goal and the project you are promoting
  3. Include your ambassadors in all regular updates and communications
  4. Share the Marketing Toolkit so that ambassadors can help spread the word through social media and email (signature line with link to your landing page)
  5. Invite your ambassadors to serve as Peer-to-Peer Fundraisers (for example, by posting a link on their company's website) to help raise more and expand your reach on #iGiveCatholic
  6. On the #iGiveCatholic Giving Day, update your ambassadors on your progress from beginning to end
  7. Encourage your ambassadors to support you on #iGiveCatholic with matching funds and promotion of your participation with their networks
  8. Invite your ambassadors to attend an in-person training or watch a training webinar
  9. Ask your ambassadors to help you personally thank and steward your #iGiveCatholic donors
  10. Don’t forget a “Thank You” to your ambassadors for their help and hard work on #iGiveCatholic and celebrate a job well done

Resources for Your Organization

Resources for Your Ambassadors